Sunday, March 14, 2021

The Masked Singer season 5 TV billboards...

Masked Singer season 5 billboard
This March the fan-favourite costumed celebrity singing competition is back with season five of The Masked Singer.
Masked Singer season 5 billboard
More top secret contestants compete shrouded in elaborate costumes, trying to trick the panel of judges and audiences at home for their shot at winning the coveted Golden Mask trophy.
Masked Singer season 5 billboard
Theses season five billboards were spotted along the Sunset Strip on February 18 and at Fox Studios along Pico Boulevard on March 13, 2021.

Fans of the show can enjoy all these previous season billboards for The Masked Singer from recent times.
Masked Singer season 5 billboard
Plus is you're wondering what that dramatic ad creative is above the Sunset Strip billboard, it's a billboard for the new Billie Eilish documentary.
Masked Singer season 5 billboard
This time around epic new costumes include 'The Chameleon', 'Grandpa Monster', 'The Phoenix', 'The Russian Doll', 'The Black Swan', 'The Piglet', 'The Snail', 'The Seashell', 'The Porcupine' and 'The Raccoon', with actress Niecy Nash guest-hosting until Nick Cannon returns later in the season after his COVID-19 positive test result.

Let the singing, guessing and unmasking fun begin.
Masked Singer MS5 billboard

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