Monday, March 29, 2021

Q: Into the Storm series premiere TV billboards...

Giant Q Into the Storm series premiere billboard
Does anyone else long for the days when going down the rabbit hole meant watching Alice follow the White Rabbit down the hole into Wonderland in an animated film? These days it feels like it has far more sinister implications.
Q Into the Storm docuseries billboard
HBO's latest documentary series directed by Cullen Hoback, Q: Into the Storm, hopes to pull back the curtains on the outlandish conspiracy theories of QAnon and unmask 'Q'.
Q Into the Storm series launch billboard
The far-right conspiracy theory (which is far too crazy to parrot here) has ensnared so many gullible people and is tearing families apart, it spread like wildfire on social media platforms, was emboldened by Donald Trump's support and played a significant part in the motivation for the January 6 attack on the United States Capitol, and is now considered less of a fringe cult and more a domestic terrorist group.
Giant Q Into the Storm docu-series billboard
These striking series launch billboards were captured along Sunset Boulevard, Fairfax Avenue and 3rd Street from March 11 to March 22, 2021.
Q Into the Storm series billboard
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Q Into the Storm billboard
QAnon may be the hot topic at the moment, but is a six-part docu-series necessary to explore the conspiracy theory, or is it just adding fuel to the madness and giving the cult a high-profile platform to help lead more people down the rabbit hole into insanity and insurrection?

Whatever you decide, go get vaccinated.
Giant Q Into the Storm HBO Max billboard

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