Monday, March 8, 2021

Debris series premiere TV billboards...

Debris series launch billboard
This March science fiction is falling once again on broadcast television with the new NBC series, Debris.

Two agents, played by Riann Steele and Jonathan Tucker, from different continents with different mindsets, must work together to investigate wreckage from what appears to be a destroyed alien spacecraft as it effects everyday people that come in contact with it.
Debris season 1 billboard
Her British agent and his American agent must put aside their differences as they race against time to stop the shadowy forces also intent on using these objects for their own nefarious ends.
Debris series premiere billboard
These launch billboards for the series were snapped along Barham Boulevard, Highland Avenue and the Sunset Strip from March 1 to 2, 2021.
Debris series launch billboard
Sci-fi series don't always perform well on network television, so let's see if this new mystery drama can discover a true following as it unfolds and people discover it.
Debris NBC series billboard

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