Friday, February 26, 2021

Tom & Jerry movie billboards...

Tom and Jerry film billboard
This February two classic cartoon characters are being rebooted on the big screen in the new Tom & Jerry.
Tom and Jerry movie billboard
The iconic Hanna-Barbera enemies are back at it in a new live-action and computer-animated slapstick comedy which merges their 2D characters with the real world.
Tom & Jerry extension cut-out billboard
In the movie directed by Tim Story, 'Tom' the cat has been kicked out by his owners and is hired by Chloë Grace Moretz's hotel employee to get rid of 'Jerry' the mischievous mouse who has taken up residence in one of New York City's swankiest hotels, soon to host the wedding of the century.
Tom & Jerry 2021 film billboard
Tom & Jerry movie billboards
Joining the cartoon duo in the movie are humans like Michael Peña, Rob Delaney, Colin Jost, Pallavi Sharda, Ken Jeong and more.
Tom and Jerry extension cut-out billboard
These fun movie billboards were snapped along Barham Boulevard, Riverside Drive, La Brea Avenue, Ventura Boulevard, Pico Boulevard and the Sunset Strip from February 5 to February 18, 2021.
Tom and Jerry film billboard
For more comedy double acts in animation, make sure you also check out these Zootopia billboards with 'Nick Wilde' and 'Judy Hoops', these Ralph Breaks the Internet billboards with 'Wreck-It Ralph' and 'Vanellope' and these Moana billboards with the titular heroine and 'Maui'.
Tom & Jerry movie billboard
Tom Jerry 2021 movie billboard
Only time will tell whether this nostalgic cat and mouse comedy can recapture the hearts and imagination of a new generation of viewers on HBO Max and in cinemas.
Tom & Jerry movie billboard

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