Saturday, January 23, 2021

Use a condom AIDS Healthcare Foundation billboards...

Gloves Condom Mask Protection AHF billboard
This weekend let's talk about sex, safe sex.

This coronavirus pandemic has reminded us all that we can take some really simple precautions to keep ourselves safe. By wearing a mask we protect ourselves and others from COVID-19, and by wearing a condom you can protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases, like HIV/AIDS and unwanted pregnancies. 

This timely 'Protection' billboard from AIDS Healthcare Foundation which reflects both points of view was photographed along Cahuenga Boulevard on August 14, 2020.
Iconic Condoms AHF billboard
Advances in HIV prevention drugs like PrEP have enabled people to have unprotected sex, but it doesn't shield consenting adults from other STDs like syphilis, chlamydia and gonorrhea, or prevent pregnancy.
Love Condoms AHF billboard
These bold 'Iconic' and 'Love' condom packet ad creatives were spotted spreading their safe sex message along Vine Street on February 8, 2019 and above Highland Avenue on February 6, 2019.
Only condoms prevent STDs billboard
This 'If you hook up then.. only condoms prevent STDs' billboard gets straight the point and was snapped along Santa Monica Boulevard on July 28, 2017.
Dont blame moment use condom billboard
And even though dating and hooking up may be harder during a raging pandemic, this 'Don't blame the moment' billboard encourages people to take accountability for their actions and to be prepared and was photographed along Sunset Boulevard on May 11, 2017.
Straight Outta Condoms AHF billboard
Meanwhile this 'Straight Outta Condoms' artwork was paying homage to hit movie Straight Outta Compton to help its message stand out and was spied above Hollywood's Cahuenga Boulevard on August 15, 2015.
Safe or Sorry condom billboard
Simplicity in design is also another great approach when creating eye-catching ads about delicate subject matters.
Why worry Use condom billboard
This 'Safe or sorry?' condom billboard was spotted along Melrose Avenue on January 24, 2015, whilst the 'Why worry?' ad creative was captured along Melrose Avenue on June 6, 2014.
Love is best protection Condom billboard
And we all known that love is all around close to Valentine's Day and this 'Love is the best protection' was spotted along Santa Monica Boulevard on February 23, 2014.
9 million youth STDs yearly billboard
Back in 2014 this billboard encouraged free STD checks due to the high numbers of cases annually and was spotted above Sunset Boulevard on February 1, whilst this '96% Effective (when used)' billboard was spotted along Sunset Boulevard on November 9, 2012.
96% effective when used condom billboard
And finally here's a simple message which pulls no punches captured above Santa Monica Boulevard on May 30, 2016, 'America, grow up. Use a condom'.

If you like all these outdoor ads, make sure you also check out these other safe sex billboards.

Whether it's sexual health or staying safe from COVID-19 we can all do some very simple things to ensure all our collective wellbeing. 

So wear a mask and things will soon be back to some semblance of normality, and not only can your day-to-day life return to normal, but so too can your sex life.

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