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The BABs - Best Advertising Billboards Awards 2020...

Wow, what a year 2020 was (and 2021 isn't off to a great start either). A once-in-a-lifetime pandemic, deadly climate fires, the Black Lives Matter movement, millions of people and businesses struggling economically and a game-changing presidential election. Each year Daily Billboard likes to celebrate the best in outdoor advertising in the sprawling streets and skies of Los Angeles, the inventiveness, innovation and great design that turns heads and make eyes pop with striking visuals and spectacular gimmicks. The out-of-home industry was certainly impacted by COVID-19, most noticeably by the reduced output from the entertainment industry, but there was still exemplary work to excite passersby and billboard aficionados alike. This year our BAB Awards truly reflect and capture the sprit of the past twelve months we've lived through, so congratulations to all the winners and without further ado, here they all are.

HBO Max cartoons extension billboard
First up are these HBO Max billboards, the winners of the BAB Award for Best Special Extension Cut-Outs.

These fun extension billboards featuring 'Tweety' and 'Cartman' were part of the streaming platform's launch outdoor ad campaign back in April and May 2020 and wonderfully help showcase HBO Max's offering of cartoons for kids and grown ups alike.
HBO Max adult animation extension billboard
Known was the creative partner with HBO Max helping them enter the Streaming Wars, and other notable special extension billboards of 2020 include these Selena billboards and these Supermarket Sweep billboards.

Circus masked Lincoln Memorial billboard
One billboard which really summed up 2020 and this current presidency and its failure to protect people from the coronavirus pandemic which has killed 360,000 U.S. citizens is this special installation billboard for The Circus.

This billboard for the second half of the fifth season of Showtime's political documentary series features President Abraham Lincoln of the Lincoln Memorial with his head in this hand in disbelief and shame and wearing a mask to protect himself from COVID-19.
Circus masked Abraham Lincoln billboard
The 3D elements of this billboard, the arms and mask, which really help it stand out were created for Showtime by Atomic Props & Effects and filled the city skyline in multiple locations in August 2020.

Other contenders for this BAB Award was the 3D Branch billboard for the Trolls World Tour, this giant snow globe for 12 Dates of Christmas and the sundial billboard picture below.

Invisible Man sundial billboard
At the beginning of 2020 this copy-only ad campaign for The Invisible Man movie remake really captured the spirit of the film's stalker terror and paranoia.
sitting in your back seat Invisible Man billboard
Simple typography design and cleverly chosen words against a clean white background really helped communicate the themes of the reimagined movie starring Elisabeth Moss.

Make sure you check out more billboards for The Invisible Man filling the skies of L.A. in January and February 2020.
following you whole time Invisible Man billboard
For another great copy-only outdoor campaigns you should also check out these Stay the FF home billboards from Freeform.

Wear mask Save Live Borat billboard
Another billboard which really captured the spirit of 2020's health and political crises was this fantastically bizarre and spot-on key art for the Borat movie sequel.

Famously known for his mankini, Sacha Baron Cohen continues to be subversively relevant by sporting a mask in a ridiculously funny way in this faux PSA.
Borat Subsequent Moviefilm Wear Mask Save Live billboard
Congratulations to Amazon Prime Video and the Borat Subsequent Moviefilm for winning the Best Movie Billboard Award.

Other notable movie billboards this year include these billboards for All In: The Fight for Democracy and the billboards for The One and Only Ivan.

Schitts Creek season 6 gay kiss billboard
One show which conquered television and helped life everyone's spirits last year was the Pop TV comedy, Schitt's Creek.

Whether you discovered the Emmy Award-winning series about the riches-to-rags 'Rose' family from the beginning or binged the entire six seasons during the pandemic, this 'kiss' key art really made an impact in the skies of L.A. at the beginning of last year.

This key art really made fans of the show punch the air in delight and had people taking selfies to share its message of inclusion and love, and so rightly deserves the Best TV Billboard Award for 2020.
Schitts Creek final season gay kiss billboard
Other cool eye-catching TV billboards from 2020 include these season seven billboards for Last Week Tonight with John Oliver and these season three billboards for Killing Eve.

Nike SB Cactus Jack skateboard extension billboard
In the world of fashion and beauty, collaborations are all the rage at the moment. One such team-up in 2020 was for Nike SB Dunk Low sneakers and Travis Scott's Cactus Jack record label which led to this striking skateboarder extension billboard above the Sunset Strip in March 2020.
Nike SB Cactus Jack skateboard billboard
And while not everyone can be a winner, Spanish luxury fashion house Balenciaga really stepped up their outdoor game last year.

Marilyn Manson We Are Chaos extension billboard
No matter your choice in music, you can't say that this billboard for Marilyn Manson's We Are Chaos rock album didn't turn heads last September.

This hair-raising special extension cut-out is certainly a deserving winner, don't you think?
We Are Chaos Marilyn Manson billboard

Daves Killer Bread Second Chances billboard
In the world of food there was one clear winner last year, this outdoor ad campaign for Dave's Killer Bread.

Body conscious Los Angelenos are not fans or carbs, but these 'Second Chances' billboards really filled the skyline with positivity and possibility when we all needed it most during 2020's summer months.
Daves Killer Bread We See Greatness billboard
Meanwhile a noteworthy runner-up in this food category was also these non-dairy Oatly! billboards.

Vita Coco coconut water was making a big impact along the Sunset Strip last September with this interactive and engaging billboard encouraging young designers to complete this refreshing super-sized ad creative.

This giant visual is certainly eye-catching on its own, but by encouraging further participation it also has greater longevity and social media appeal.
Complete Us Vita Coco It starts with billboard
For another standout campaign, this time from the adult beverages industry, be sure to also take a look at these Cutwater Spirits billboards from summer 2020.

Full Frontal Samantha Bee 2020 FYC billboard
Last year the entertainment industry was certainly disrupted by this global pandemic and this was clearly evident when it came to studios and shows campaigning for industry award recognition around the streets and skies of La La Land.

Not only did you see less 'For your consideration' billboards, but some companies also repurposed their campaigns to help those struggling during the health crisis and to highlight social and racial justice issues.
Samantha Bee 2020 Emmy nominee billboard
The Emmys did manage to produce an entertaining socially distanced and remote awards ceremony and one show trying to take home the Variety Talk Series statuette last year was Full Frontal with Samantha Bee.

The news and political satire late-night series channeled a horror movie theme in its FYC billboards to help perfectly sum up the 2020 horror show. You may not have won the Emmy Samantha, but here's a BAB Award to make up for it.
I Know What You Did Last Election Samantha Bee billboard
Another brilliant FYC billboard campaign, this time from outside of L.A., are these billboards for the Palm Springs movie.

Amplify Black Voices Amazon billboard
The murder on camera of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officers on May 25, 2020, triggered worldwide protests against police brutality and systemic racism with millions venting their outrage, grief and frustration, with people of colour and their allies saying enough is enough.
Amplify Black Voices Amazon billboard
Many organisations tried to show their support and solidarity for the Black Lives Movement beyond the usual thoughts and prayers, and these 'Amplify Black Voices' billboards from Amazon really seemed to capture the activism and spirit of this historic moment in time.
Amplify Black Voices Amazon billboard
Be sure to also take a look at these other Black Lives Matter billboards from June 2020 onwards from the likes of Netflix, Twitter and more besides.

Thanks Medical Community Resident billboard
And the final award to mark this extraordinary year in history is for Best Pandemic Billboards, which on the surface may sound a little ghoulish, but this health crisis actually brought out many inspiring moments and glimpses of humanity.
Thanks Delivery Workers Bobs Burgers billboard
These Fox Studios billboards thanking essential frontline workers and healthcare heroes were one such bright spot and really put a smile on passersby faces using characters and personalities from many of their live-action and animated shows.
Thanks wearing mask Masked Singer billboard
Meanwhile Whole Foods Market thanked team members and Amazon and NBC Entertainment encouraged donations to charities helping those in need.

And that's all for 2020 folks. What do you think of these category awards recipients? Do you think they are deserving winners, or do you think someone else should have won?

The past twelve months have been interesting to say the least. Let's hope 2021 is not so tumultuous, and that the sprawling city skyline is as imaginative, entertaining and inspiring when it comes to outdoor advertising.

Make sure you also take a look at all the BAB Award winners from previous years and stay tuned in the months to come for all the latest eye-popping billboards turning heads around the City of Angels.

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