Saturday, December 26, 2020

Soul movie billboards...

Giant Soul movie billboard
Just because it's Christmas doesn't mean the 'Streaming Wars' have become any less brutal, in fact the conflict has intensified to a whole new blockbuster level.
In addition to HBO Max streaming Wonder Woman 1984 this Christmas Day for its paying subscribers, Disney+ decided to skip a theatrical release for the new Disney/Pixar movie, Soul.
Soul film billboard
Since Disney's streaming platform only launched last November it makes sense the entertainment giant would bring out the big guns during this pandemic to attract new subscribers and retain those who signed up a year ago.
Giant Disney Pixar Soul movie billboard
In Pixar Animated Studios new movie, Jamie Foxx voices a middle school band teacher named 'Joe Gardner' whose life hasn't gone the way he thought it would.
Soul movie billboard
His true passion is playing jazz, and he's good, but it takes one small misstep to send him on the journey of a lifetime into a different realm.
Disney Pixar Soul film billboard
Having an out-of-body experience he must help a young soul-in-training named '22' (voice by Tina Fey) find her way if he has any chance of returning to Earth alive.
Giant Soul movie billboard Sunset Strip
The giant-sized billboard for the computer-animated movie was snapped towering over West Hollywood's Sunset Plaza on December 20, 2020.
Soul movie billboard
Meanwhile the other landscape billboards were photographed along La Brea Avenue, Santa Monica Boulevard, Fairfax Avenue, Olympic Boulevard and Barham Boulevard through December 21, 2020.
Soul film billboard
Soul film billboard
2020 has certainly been a challenging year, so make sure you watch your step as you head into 2021 to follow your dreams and heal your soul, wherever your path may take you.
UPDATED: Congratulations to Soul for its Golden Globe wins for Best Animated Feature and Best Original Score.
Soul Academy Award nominee billboard
The film is also nominated for three Academy Awards, for Best Animated Feature, Best Original Score and Best Sound and these joyful nominee billboards were spotted campaigning along Barham Boulevard and Santa Monica Boulevard on March 31, 2021.
Soul Oscar nominee billboard

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