Sunday, December 13, 2020

Lazor Wulf season 1 and 2 TV billboards...

Lazor Wulf season 2 billboard
'Feel good when things are bad'. This dreamy billboard for the sophomore season of Adult Swim's Lazor Wulf animated series will certainly offer a helping hand to those feeling a bit down living through a pandemic this holiday season. 
Lazor Wulf season 2 billboard
Lazor Wulf is voiced by Vince Staples and his cartoon adventures follows the wolf with a laser on his back and his gang of carefree friends hanging out in the city of Strongburg.
Lazor Wulf season 1 billboard
The text message-themed series launch billboard was snapped along Sunset Boulevard on March 29, 2019, whilst the second season billboard was photographed in the same ad location on November 22, 2020.
Lazor Wulf season 2 billboard
Let's hope we'll soon all be feeling better, but if you need some absurd escapist fun in the meantime there's a wolf and his laser available to provide some laughs.
Feel good Lazor Wulf season 2 billboard

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