Thursday, December 24, 2020

Eaze cannabis Highly calculated delivery billboards...

Eaze holiday lights billboard night
If the horror show that is 2020 has you stressed out this holiday season, don't despair, maybe these billboards can ease your pain and leave you in high spirits. 
Cheesy holiday movies Eaze billboard
The holidays are already a stressful time of year without a pandemic to cope with, so Eaze hopes to ensure a highly calculated delivery of all your legal cannabis needs if you're over 21.
Pages left in screenplay Weed Eaze billboard
Aside from weed, edibles and stocking fillers, Eaze also has these locally-tailored and festive billboards with a touch of humour to put a smile on your face.
Eaze Christmas lights billboard
Cheesy holiday movies Edibles Eaze billboard night
The special Christmas lights-adorned billboard was snapped by day and night along L.A.'s La Brea Avenue on December 9.
Interdimensional travel Eaze billboard
Meanwhile the other colourful ad creatives were photographed in the same ad location, plus along Cahuenga Boulevard, La Cienega Boulevard and Olympic Boulevard from November 24 to December 20, 2020.
hike Runyon Eaze billboard
For more outdoor ads from this cannabis delivery company make sure you check out all these other Eaze billboards, plus get a glimpse of the competition with these MedMen billboards.
Griffith Park 430 plant Species Eaze billboard
Stress less this Christmas Eve and holiday season, however you choose to get through it, watching cheesy movies or indulging in something else that will make you happy.

May your holidays be merrily high and joyfully blissful, and most of all safe.
Cheesy holiday movies edibles Eaze billboard
UPDATED: Here's another cosmic Eaze billboard spotted along Santa Monica Boulevard on January 8, 2021.
Sour Diesel Eaze billboard

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