Monday, November 23, 2020

The Croods: A New Age movie billboards...

Croods A New Age extension billboard
Forget The Flinstones, this Thanksgiving it's time to catch up with that other prehistoric family, The Croods.
Croods A New Age giant billboard
In this long-delayed computer-animated movie sequel, The Croods: A New Age, after leaving their cave in the first film the Stone Age family face a new threat, another family named the 'Bettermans'.
Croods A New Age movie billboard
This family claim to be better and more evolved than their caveman counterparts, offering a glimpse of mankind's future.
Croods A New Age Belt billboard
This movie sequel features the voice talents of Nicolas Cage, Emma Stone, Ryan Reynolds, Catherine Keener, Kelly Marie Tran, Peter Dinklage, Leslie Mann, Clark Duke and Cloris Leachman, although good luck finding a cinema that's still open during this raging pandemic (it may be safer waiting for a video-on-demand option you can enjoy in your own home).
Croods A New Age billboard
These movie sequel billboards were photographed along Lankershim Boulevard, Highland Avenue, Sunset Boulevard, San Vicente Boulevard and La Brea Avenue from November 10 to November 22, 2020.
Giant Croods New Age film billboard
Fans of the DreamWorks animated film franchise can also enjoy these billboards for The Croods from back in spring 2013.
Croods A New Age film billboard
Plus for another ad creative which pays homage to 'The March of Progress' human evolution illustration, make sure you check out this Gap Denim evolved billboard.
Croods A New Age extension billboard
However you plan to enjoy Thanksgiving this year, make sure you accessorize with a sloth (it's what all the cool kids are doing).
Croods A New Age movie billboard
UPDATED: This Croods sequel has made over $127.8 million at the global box office ($36.8 million in America) to date and just before Christmas was released On Demand.
Croods A New Age On Demand billboard
These billboards promoting its On Demand release were snapped along La Cienega Boulevard and the Sunset Strip from January 8 to 9, 2021.
Croods A New Age On Demand billboard
UPDATED: Here's also a colourful sloth-tastic billboard for the On Demand movie spotted along Lankershim Boulevard on February 6, 2021.
Croods A New Age sloths billboard

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