Tuesday, November 3, 2020

2020 Election-themed billboards...

Election cover your face Trevor Noah billboard
If you're headed to the polls today in order to save democracy, make sure you mask up to protect yourself and others when you vote.
I know what you did last election Samantha Bee billboard
To get you in the democratic spirit today, here's a selection of election-themed billboards to distract you and maybe even put a smile on your face.

Samantha Bee, the host of late-night's Full Frontal show, continues her horror movie homage theme that she evoked during the Emmy consideration season with this 'I Know what you did Last Election' ad creative. Let's hope voters don't make the same mistake twice.
We must plot plan strategize organize Killer Mike billboard
Meanwhile because democracy and Black Lives Matter, rapper and activist Killer Mike has been shining a spotlight on people power with the help of this Adult Swim billboard, encouraging people to plan, strategize, organize and mobilize this election and beyond.
Election Daily Show Trevor Noah billboard
And whilst Trevor Noah and The Daily Show keep you informed on all the election news, he wants you to stay safe and wear a mask to stop the spread of the coronavirus in America which has now claimed the lives over 230,000 U.S. citizens.
last election Full Frontal Samantha Bee billboard
All of these fun billboards were photographed along West Hollywood's Sunset Boulevard on October 13, 2020.
Power to the People Killer Mike Adult Swim billboard
Ask yourself why are people afraid of you casting your vote and having your say, because it has power. Your vote matters and it always has. Voting changes things.

Let's vote them all out and end the horror show that is 2020 and the last four years.

Vote, because this year democracy and your very life depends on it.
We cover Election You cover face Daily Show Trevor Noah billboard

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