Saturday, October 3, 2020

The Third Day series premiere TV billboards...

Third Day giant series premiere billboard
If you haven't been watching HBO's new limited series The Third Day, then today may be a good day to play catch up.

The drama is spot into two halves, titled 'Summer' and 'Winter', each with a three episode story and middle section called 'Autumn/Fall' which is a twelve-hour online theatrical event experience happening today.
Third Day HBO series billboard
In Summer, Jude Law ventures to the mysterious, remote Osea Island off the English Coast, which is cut off from the mainland when the causeway floods, and meets its creepy inhabitants, like Emily Watson and Katherine Waterston.

Later in Winter, Naomie Harris travels to the island with her two daughters for her oldest's birthday seeking answers to a mystery.
Third Day HBO series billboard
These series launch billboards with their almost mirror image perspectives were photographed along Sunset Boulevard and Santa Monica Boulevard from September 8 to September 27, 2020.
Third Day series launch billboard
Meanwhile Jude Law fans can also enjoy these billboards for The Young Pope, these billboards for The New Pope and these Sherlock Holmes movie billboards.
Third Day series premiere billboard
From the looks of this key art, a visit to this island may turn these people's lives upside-down, so do you dare discover what secrets and horrors lurk on this spooky isle?
Third Day limited series billboard Sunset Strip
UPDATED: Here's also some 'For your consideration' billboards for the "beautiful & riveting" series for the winter industry awards season.
Third Day FYC billboard
These FYC billboards for The Third Day were photographed along Holloway Drive and La Cienega Boulevard on January 9, 2021.
Third Day HBO FYC billboard

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