Thursday, October 22, 2020

The Drew Barrymore Show series premiere TV billboards...

Drew Barrymore Show premiere billboard
This fall a familiar face arrived on daytime television and she's been in showbusiness for quite some time. Have you watched The Drew Barrymore Show yet?
Drew Barrymore Show child billboard
Known for her 80s child star roles in E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial and Firestarter, plus 90s rom-coms like The Wedding Singer and 2000's big screen reboot of Charlie's Angels, the actress has many celebrity friends to call on to join her on her optimistic daytime talk show, even if they are socially distanced.
Drew Barrymore Show season 1 billboard
These series launch billboards were photographed along La Brea Avenue, Vine Street and Hollywood Boulevard from September 2 to October 11, 2020.

Drew Barrymore fans can also enjoy these Going The Distance movie billboards and these billboards for the Santa Clarita Diet.
Drew Barrymore Show younger billboard
With reigning daytime talk show queen Ellen DeGeneres recently facing controversies over a not-so-kind toxic work environment, now may be the perfect time for a bright new face on daytime to make her mark.
Drew Barrymore Show launch billboard

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