Thursday, October 1, 2020

Next series premiere TV billboards...

Next series premiere billboard
More and more each day people are realising the downsides of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter spreading fake news and misinformation and stirring up hatred and division around the world.
Giant Next season 1 billboard
Imagine if those companies lost control of the A.I. technology running and moderating the platforms, how disastrous would that be. One careless tweet could end it all.
Next series launch billboard
In his new TV series, John Slattery stars as a Silicon Valley pioneer, 'Paul LeBlanc', who discovers that one of his own A.I. creations, neXt, might bring about the destruction of humankind.
Next series launch billboard
Trying to shutter the project, he is removed from the company by his own brother and after a series of tech events point to a potential worldwide crisis, he partners with Special Agent 'Shea Salazar' (Fernanda Andrade) and a Homeland cybersecurity team to counter the rouge superintelligence.
Next season 1 billboard
These series launch billboards for Next were photographed along the Sunset Strip and Pico Boulevard from August 2 to September 1, 2020.
Giant Next series launch billboard
Fans of John Slattery can also check out these Modern Love billboards, these billboards for The Romanoffs and these Mad Men billboards.
Next season 1 billboard
When your enemy is virtual and has the immense data, information and secrets at its command to recruit allies, turn people against each other and eliminate obstacles in its path, how do you fight a threat like that?

Only time will tell whether this new event series turns out to be the next big thing on television this fall.
John Slattery Next TV billboard

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