Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Helstrom series premiere TV billboards...

Helstrom series launch billboard
This October Hulu takes a walk on the supernatural side just in time for Halloween with its new original series, Helstrom.
Helstrom season 1 billboard
Inspired by the Marvel Comics characters and satanic siblings, 'Daimon' and 'Satana Hellstrom', the series follows Tom Austen and Sydney Lemmon as 'Daimon' and 'Ana Helstrom', the children of a mysterious serial killer who hunt the worst that humanity has to offer.

Elizabeth Marvel plays their institutionalised mother, 'Victoria', who is possessed by an all-powerful demon.
Helstrom Hulu series billboard
These eye-catching series premiere billboards were snapped above Beverly Boulevard and Sunset & Vine on September 28, 2020.

This spooky key art is slightly reminiscent of these Helix billboards and these Outcast billboards.
Helstrom TV series billboard
Even though this television series may not fly the Marvel Studios banner, it will allow fans to explore the darker, horror side of the Marvel Universe previously unexplored on the small screen.
Helstrom series premiere billboard
UPDATED: Here's another example of this mind-blowing ad creative, spied along Santa Monica Boulevard on October 14, 2020.
Helstrom season 1 billboard
And here's a smaller ad format spotted along L.A.'s Fairfax Avenue on October 27, 2020.
Helstrom Hulu billboard

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