Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Unpregnant film billboards...

Unpregnant movie billboard
There's nothing new about a road trip movie, but HBO Max's new film Unpregnant certainly reflects the times we are living in at the moment.

When Haley Lu Richardson 17-year-old high school student 'Veronica' falls pregnant by her boyfriend, even when practicing safe sex, she decides to get an abortion. The problem is in Missouri she can't have the procedure without parental consent due to her age, and her ultra-conservative and religious parents wouldn't allow it.
Unpregnant film billboard
She turns to her estranged friend 'Bailey' (Barbie Ferreira) to help drive her to the nearest state that will allow her to do it, even if that's over 900 miles away. One borrowed muscle car later and the girls hit the road.

These billboards and street posters for the Max Original directed by Rachel Lee Goldenberg were spied along La Brea Avenue, Hollywood Boulevard and Sunset Boulevard from September 2 to September 9, 2020.
Unpregnant HBO Max street posters
With an upcoming election this movie about a woman's right to choose and reproductive freedom is more timely than ever.
Unpregnant movie billboard
So let's vote to make sure this November doesn't take us ever closer down the road to the future of The Handmaid's Tale.
Unpregnant film billboard
UPDATED: So in light of the latest U.S. Supreme Court news, this film is more timely than ever, so here's another landscape billboard spotted along Santa Monica Boulevard on September 27, 2020.
Unpregnant movie billboard

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