Tuesday, September 1, 2020

The Circus masked Lincoln Memorial billboards...

Circus Masked Lincoln Memorial billboard
With over six million cases and over 183,000 Americans dead from COVID-19, it's no wonder President Abraham Lincoln looks so distraught in these arresting billboards for The Circus.
Circus Masked President Lincoln billboard
Showtime's political documentary series is back for the second half of its fifth season to cover the circus that is the U.S. Presidential Election, going behind-the-scenes of the Democratic and Republican campaigns and all the drama in Washington, D.C.
Circus President Lincoln 3D mask billboard
With only 62 days left until Election Day you know it's going to be a wild, wild ride in the weeks to come, so you'd better buckle up buttercup and hope democracy survives the experience.
Circus Masked President Lincoln billboard
These clever billboards were photographed along the Sunset Strip and La Brea Avenue on August 25, 2020, with the extra-dimensional arms and masks supplied by Atomic Props & Effects.

Fans of the show can also check out these previous promo billboards for The Circus.
Circus Lincoln Memorial 3D mask billboard
For more Lincoln Memorial-inspired ad creatives, make sure you check out these Pod Save America billboards, these Join or Die billboards and these House of Cards billboards.
The Circus Covid-19 mask President Lincoln billboard
You do have to wonder what Abraham Lincoln would think of the Republican Party these days, which has simply morphed into the Party of Trump, but at least this former president is setting a good example during this health crisis and wearing a mask.
Circus 3D Masked Lincoln Memorial billboard
UPDATED: Here's also an equally effective regular ad creative with Lincoln burying his face in his hand, spied above Westwood Boulevard on September 16, 2020.
Circus Lincoln Memorial billboard

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