Saturday, September 26, 2020

The Babysitter movies billboards...

Babysitter Killer Queen movie billboard
If you're looking for some September scares this weekend, then maybe you can enjoy a double feature of Netflix's duo of The Babysitter movies to provide the gory thrills.
Babysitter Netflix movie billboard
The teen comedy horror gets a sequel this month with The Babysitter: Killer Queen, as Judah Lewis is back as 'Cole', now a high school junior still trying to convince people that his former babysitter 'Bee' (Samara Weaving) led a satanic cult (a popular theory these days) and tried to kill him. And now they are back from the dead to try it again.
Babysitter Killer Queen billboard
The film sequel billboard was first spotted in the smoky skies above the Sunset Strip on September 9, 2020, whilst the billboards for the first movie were photographed along the Sunset Strip and Beverly Boulevard from October 13 to October 22, 2017.
Babysitter film billboard
Hopefully bingeing this escapist, undead fun can help transport you from the horrors of the real world at the moment.
Babysitter Killer Queen Netflix film billboard

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