Thursday, September 10, 2020

Stars and Strife documentary film billboards...

Stars and Strife documentary film billboard
The new Stars and Strife documentary from David Smick examines the divisive state of the nation at this moment in time, exploring the rising wave of hatred and anger bubbling over into everyday life in America.

Has this hatred and anger always been there? Has the president just given racists permission to threaten and persecute those that are different from themselves by not condemning Nazis, stoking fears and fanning the flames of xenophobia against Muslims, Mexicans and immigrants?
Stars and Strife film billboard
Is social media to blame for the negativity and spread of misinformation, and what about the role of media overall on both sides of the political spectrum? And are the other superpowers of the world sitting back and enjoying all the chaos.

This documentary talks to activists, elected officials and business leaders to explore this dark moment in U.S. history, and this Stars and Strife billboard was photographed along West Hollywood's Sunset Strip at Doheny Drive on August 25, 2020.
Stars and Strife documentary billboard
It's hard not to see this Stars and Stripes imagery which resembles a U.S. flag draped over a coffin, and not think of Donald Trump disrespecting and desecrating this country's fallen troops, those that have sacrificed and given their life in service to the United States and for misleading the nation's citizens about the severity of COVID-19, calling it a hoax and claiming it would go away.

This November it's time to put country over party and keep democracy alive before it's too late.
Stars and Strife movie billboard
UPDATED: Here's also a larger ad creative with a quote from The New York Times and the documentary's debut on Starz, spotted further east along the Sunset Strip on September 27, 2020.
Stars and Strife documentary Starz billboard
Plus here's a vertical review-laden billboard creative for the documentary captured along the Sunset Strip on October 28, 2020.
Stars and Strife documentary billboard

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