Friday, September 25, 2020

Netflix One story away billboards...

One story away Netflix Cheer billboard
During this pandemic that has claimed 200,000 Americans to date, aside from essential frontline workers, the other thing that people have been grateful for during this health crisis is all the streaming services around to entertain us all whilst we've been sheltering at home under lockdown.
One story away crying Netflix Queer Eye billboard
With so many new streaming platforms joining the Streaming Wars in the last year, Disney+, Apple TV+, HBO Max and Peacock, its looks like Netflix wants to make sure it stands out amongst all these competitors with a new outdoor brand campaign to highlight its unique offering.
One story away Netflix Stranger Things billboard
The streaming giant has unified its diverse content under one giant storytelling umbrella, with the 'One story away' message.
One story away Netflix Love Is Blind billboard
Not only do the billboards highlight the streamer's wide range of reality shows, hit dramas, Oscar-winning movies and critically-acclaimed stand-up comedy specials, but the campaign also evokes emotions and tries to bring us together to watch this content during these socially distant times.
One story away Netflix Marriage Story billboard
These copy-only Netflix teaser billboards were photographed along West Hollywood's smoke-filled Sunset Strip on September 8, 2020.
Me We Netflix billboard
Watching Seeing Netflix billboard
The follow-up billboards focusing on Netflix's popular and diverse programming through the lens of the user interface design were captured along the Sunset Strip from September 14 to September 17, 2020.
Apart A part Netflix billboard
Were only one story away Netflix billboard
Fortunately when Netflix bought the thirty or so Regency billboard sites along the heavily trafficked Sunset Strip two years ago, it enabled the platform to execute this sprawling brand campaign with its extensive outdoor ad inventory.
One story away Netflix Tiger King billboard
It also allows the streaming service to support all its Emmy nominees at awards season, which received 160 nods this year and took home 21 prizes, including wins for Cheer, Queer Eye, Stranger Things and Unorthodox.
One story away Netflix Unorthodox billboard
During these challenging times we all need some escapism from reality, and a destination offering enlightening and entertaining quality storytelling is always welcome, especially if it can also supply a good old cathartic cry at the same time.
One story away Netflix Orange Is New Black billboard
With around 193,000 million subscribers around the world, it's only a matter of time before Netflix hits the 200,000 million mark, so let's see if the streaming service can continue to retain its audience (and fend off challengers) with engaging stories in the months and years ahead.
One story away Netflix Hannah Gadsby billboard

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