Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Apple Shot and Edited on iPhone billboards...

Shot and Edited on iPhone Prince G billboard
When you're feeling a bit down and depressed, there's nothing like a burst of colour and creativity to lift your spirits.
Shot and Edited iPhone Rapheal O billboard
Fortunately you're in luck, as the world's biggest company, Apple, is back in the skies with a new twist on its user-generated 'Shot on iPhone' outdoor ad campaign, this time around they are 'Shot and Edited on iPhone'.
Shot Edited on iPhone Ramzy M window billboard
That means the imagery is even more vivid with a bit of editing and this new assortment of billboards really pops out at you in the city skyline.
Shot Edited on iPhone Vanessa R teacup billboard
The design layout of the adverts have also been slightly tweaked, with the traditional border frames around the images removed, letting the visuals bleed to the edges of the billboards.
Shot and Edited on iPhone Ramzy M billboard
This also helps the white vertical or horizontal branding banner stand out even more to the side or at the bottom of the ad creatives.
Shot Edited on iPhone Kate B billboard
Previously the campaign highlighted the impressive photography capable on the smartphone and this new iteration shines a spotlight on the iPhone's editing capabilities, allowing users to flex their artistic muscles. 
Shot and Edited on iPhone Amelie S billboard
As you can see the enhanced results are quite mind-bending, vibrant, surreal and most of all, eye-catching.
Shot and Edited on iPhone Raphael O billboard
These assorted Shot and Edited on iPhone billboards were snapped along Sunset Boulevard, Vine Street, Hollywood Boulevard, Pico Boulevard, Robertson Boulevard and Santa Monica Boulevard from August 25 to September 1, 2020.
Shot Edited on iPhone Stephen M billboard
You can also check out other refreshments to this advertising campaign with these Shot on iPhone On Tour billboards, these Earth Shot on iPhone billboards and these Shot on iPhone 7 billboards with their black frame.
Shot and Edited on iPhone Mischelle M billboard
And be sure to also check out the Shot on iPhone 6 billboards that started it all back in spring 2015.
Shot Edited on iPhone Rapheal O billboard
Daily Billboard can't wait to see more of these Shot and Edited on iPhone billboards in the future, and then see the next evolution in this long-running ad outdoor campaign. 
Shot Edited on iPhone Prince G billboard

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