Monday, August 3, 2020

Star Trek: Lower Decks series premiere TV billboards...

Star Trek Lower Decks series launch billboard
"It's life, Jim, but not as we know it".

This quote may never have actually been spoken by 'Dr. Spock' in the Star Trek original series, instead made famous by British band The Firm's 1987 song Star Trekkin', but it seems an apt description of the all-new animated CBS All Access series, Star Trek: Lower Decks.
Star Trek Lower Decks season 1 billboard
The second animated spin-off series in the sci-fi franchise, this fresh take will have a more adult tone and humour and focus on the support crew of one of Starfleet's least important ships, the USS Cerritos.
Star Trek Lower Decks season 1 billboard
Tawny Newsome, Noël Wells, Jack Quaid and Eugene Cordero provide the voices of Ensigns 'Mariner', 'Tendi', 'Boimler' and 'Rutherford', tasked with doing their duties and keeping up with their social lives aboard the starship.
Star Trek Lower Decks cut-out billboard
Are you ready to go where no Star Trek series has gone before? Ten cartoon episodes of repairing turbo lifts, fixing warp cores, rounding up troublesome Tribbles and unwanted Away Team missions.
Star Trek Lower Decks billboard
These out-of-this-world launch billboards for the animated comedy series were spied along the Sunset Strip, Ventura Boulevard and Pico Boulevard from July 21 to July 31, 2020.
Star Trek Lower Decks series billboard
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Star Trek Lower Decks series premiere billboard
Most fans will know that the life of a 'redshirt' isn't the safest, so it looks like the exploits of these support staff won't be all Holodeck adventures and drinking Romulan ale.
Star Trek Lower Decks extension billboard
Star Trek Lower Decks billboard
We're all used to photon torpedoes flying, tractor beams locking on and setting phasers to stun, but now it's time to welcome some futuristic laughs to the United Federation of Planets.
Star Trek Lower Decks CBS All Access billboard
Are you ready to boldly go somewhere new and comedic with Star Trek: Lower Decks? Engage.
Star Trek Lower Decks season 1 billboard

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