Thursday, August 27, 2020

Lying Cheating Streaming Lifetime Movie Club billboard...

Lying Cheating Streaming Lifetime Movie Club billboard
These days it seems everyone is jumping on the streaming bandwagon, and why wouldn't you if you have the content.

Earlier this week we showcased the History Vault, ready to be unlocked and binged, and today the latest addition to the Streaming Wars is the Lifetime Movie Club.
Lifetime Movie Club billboard
For $3.99 per month and no commercials you can enjoy hundreds of classic and new Lifetime movies and biopics to watch anytime and anywhere you choose.
Lifetime Movie Club Lying Cheating Streaming billboard
This saucy billboard for the new service was spied above San Vicente Boulevard on August 14, 2020.

For a taste of some of Lifetime's TV movies be sure to check out these Liz & Dick billboards, these Surviving Compton billboards, this Whitney Houston biopic billboard, this Toni Braxton biopic billboard and these billboards for A Deadly Adoption.
Lying Cheating Streaming Lifetime Movie billboard
Let's see if Lifetime Movie Club's lying, cheating and scheming will have audiences screaming "Yes! Yes!! YES!!!" in the future.
Lying Cheating Lifetime Movie Club billboard

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