Thursday, July 23, 2020

Warrior Nun and Lucifer TV billboards...

Are you a saint or a sinner? Maybe these 'All Hail/All Hell' billboards for two of Netflix's supernatural comic book shows will help you decide.
The All Hail billboard heralds the debut of the streaming giant's adaptation of Ben Dunn's Warrior Nun Areala and stars Alba Baptista as 'Ava Silva', an orphaned young woman who awakens in a morgue with a new lease on life and a divine artifact embedded in her back.
This Warrior Nun discovers she's now part of the ancient Order of the Cruciform Sword, a secret sect tasked with fighting demons on Earth, with the forces of both heaven and hell wanting to control her.
Meanwhile the All Hell billboard features Tom Ellis, back for the fifth season as the titular fallen angel and King of Hell, 'Lucifer Morningstar'.
Lucifer was reborn on Netflix after Fox cancelled the supernatural fantasy series after three seasons, and season five was supposed to be the last season, but it has been resurrected for a fiery sixth and final season.

Based on the DC Comics character created by Neil Gaiman, Sam Keith and Mike Dringenberg in The Sandman series, Ellis plays the devil who had grown bored of ruling over hell and instead prefers owning a nightclub in L.A. and consulting with the LAPD to make his life more interesting.
This cool dynamic duo of special extension cut-outs was snapped along West Hollywood's heavily trafficked Sunset Strip on July 8, 2020.
Lucifer fans can also check out these season four billboards and these series launch billboards, whilst Tom Ellis admirers can also enjoy these Rush billboards.

So have you decided, do you prefer to walk on the lighter or darker side of life?

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