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COVID-19 coronavirus-related billboards around L.A...

#StayTheFFHome Freeform billboard
Some of you out there may be sick of hearing the words COVID-19, Coronavirus and "in these uncertain times", but our goal here at Daily Billboard is always to reflect the pulse of the times in and around the skies of L.A., so what better way then with this selection of billboard ads spotted around the sprawling city during this global pandemic.
Stay The FF Home Freeform wildposting
First up are these tongue-in-cheek billboards and wildpostings from cable channel Freeform, putting their unique spin on the safer at home advice - 'Stay the FF home' (and watch some of our TV shows while you're there).
Stay The FF Home Freeform billboard
These bold PSA billboards were snapped along Sunset Boulevard and Fairfax Avenue from April 2 to April 28, 2020.
Stay Home Life is Beautiful wall mural ad
Live music and arts festivals like the Life is Beautiful event in Downtown Las Vegas may have been cancelled due to the coronavirus this year, but they are still showing support for their beautiful community and Los Angelenos with this vibrant wall mural ad spotted along La Brea Avenue on April 3, 2020.
This California government advisory billboard speaks plainly with its 'Stay home. Save lives' message and was snapped along Santa Monica Boulevard on April 2, 2020.
Another billboard trying to encourage Los Angelenos to stay home was from Social CBD, although this one came with a few perks, free CBD dummies to help destress you during these anxiety-filled days.

This perky billboard was spotted above West Hollywood's Sunset Strip on April 28, 2020.
Stay apart Pull Together Unity billboard
The Foundation For a Better Life was helping to pass on essential information with this 'Unity' billboard spied along Pico Boulevard on April 22, 2020, protect the ones you love and your fellow citizens by staying apart for the health of your family and community.
Lady Gaga you are essential coronavirus billboard
From the world of music, Lady Gaga was using a billboard that had been reserved for her sixth studio album launch to send a positive message to fans and passersby alike - "You are essential".

In addition to helping raise $129 million with the One World: Together at Home concert for global coronavirus relief, this billboard in place of her Chromatica album ad was snapped along the Sunset Strip on April 21, 2020, and encourages people to be kind and to stay safe at home unless they are essential workers, so that together we can get through this.
Ralph Lauren spirit of togetherness we rise billboard
American fashion brand Ralph Lauren was also encouraging passersby to pull together in these tough times with this uplifting 'spirit of togetherness' billboard spotted along the Sunset Strip on April 21, 2020.
Renaissance Pleasure Faire 2020 cancelled billboard
Sports events, cinemas and concerts have all been affected by this COVID-19 outbreak, but another annual live annual event cancelled this year is the Medieval Times-themed Renaissance Pleasure Faire that usually takes place in Irwindale.

Their outdoor advertising spied along Highland Avenue on April 28, 2020, acknowledges that large gatherings are not appropriate this year, encourages social distancing and sets to the scene for 2021's event in a fun way.
Giant WFH with Airtable billboard
Aside from changing how we socialize with friends, this virus has led to parents homeschooling their children and working from home where they can. This giant-sized billboard for Airtable was hoping to help businesses and their teams 'WFH' and was photographed westbound along the Sunset Strip on April 22, 2020.
Cedars-Sinai Healthcare Heroes billboard
Of course we couldn't talk about this worldwide pandemic without mentioning the brave medical professionals on the frontline fighting and sacrificing to keep as many people alive and well.
Thank you Handwashers Cedars-Sinai billboard
This outdoor campaign from the Southern California hospital, Cedars-Sinai, recognizing their healthcare team's contribution and the public doing their part by washing hands and social distancing were lifting spirits along 3rd Street, Wilshire Boulevard, Ventura Boulevard and Beverly Boulevard from April 21 to April 27, 2020.
Thank you Social Distancers Cedars-Sinai billboard
In addition we must also recognise and show gratitude to all the people supporting our frontline workers, the janitorial staff, transport workers, food delivery drivers, grocery store employees and countless other low paid workforce besides.
Cedars-Sinai Team Youre Our Heroes billboard
A&E's ride along reality show Live PD was also showing outdoor support for all the first responders doing essential work on the front lines across America.
first responders Thank You Live PD billboard
These striking 'Thank You' billboards were photographed along the Sunset Strip and San Vicente Boulevard on April 28, 2020.
first responders Thank You Live PD billboard
We hope you're enjoyed this attempt to capture this moment in time, hopefully the worst will soon be behind us and we can all return to some semblance of normalcy.
first responders front lines Thank You Live PD billboard
Until then, stay strong, stay sane, stay home (if you can), keep social distancing and washing those hands and we'll all get through this together.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.
Stay The FF Home Freeform billboard
UPDATED: Here are a few more outdoor ads reflecting the current pandemic around the streets of L.A.
Nursing a country back to health Service billboard
The Foundation for a Better Life are certainly helping to fill any ad inventory holes with numerous inspirational and uplifting messages for our frontline workers and society as a whole.
Answering toughest call Bravery billboard
These 'Pass it on' billboards for 'Service', 'Bravery' and 'Optimism' were snapped along Pico Boulevard on May 13, 2020, helping us all see the lights t the end of the tunnel.
It will get brighter Optimism Pass it on billboard
Here's also a smaller Healthcare Heroes ad from Cedars-Sinai, spotted along the Sunset Strip the same day.
Healthcare Heroes Cedars-Sinai billboard
Plus a giant billboard from Patron Tequila along the Sunset Strip encouraging Los Angelenos to text to donate money to the James Beard Foundation to help with their COVID-19 relief fund efforts for small, independent restaurants across the nation.

Patron themselves donated $450,000 to help the bars and restaurant their tequila is enjoyed in during normal times.
Patron Tequila James Beard COVID19 relief fund billboard
UPDATED: Here's another giant-sized billboard from Shell capturing the zeitgeist of this moment in time for Los Angelenos.
Shell To all who keep LA going Thank you billboard
This massive ad creative directed at L.A.'s essential workers was photographed along West Hollywood's Sunset Strip on May 18, 2020, and a reminder to people that when they get back in their cars to use Shell gas stations.
To all who keep LA going Thank you Shell billboard
With the sporting season on hold at the moment during this health crisis, the City of Angels own soccer team, L.A. Galaxy, was also sending a message of unity with this 'Together' billboard snapped along Olympic Boulevard on May 27, 2020. Now that's team spirit.
Together LA Galaxy billboard
Freeform also had this new 'You are FF'ing heroes' ad creative thanking essential workers, from the healthcare community to flight crew, grocery store staff, mass transit operators and sanitation workers and more besides, snapped along Fairfax Avenue on May 27, 2020.
Dear essential workers You are FFing heroes Freeform billboard
This enterprising Masqd website was also responding to the need for face masks and coverings to help keep you and others safer during this contagious pandemic. This 'got mask?' billboard paying homage to the iconic 'got milk?' ad campaign, was spied along Santa Monica Boulevard on May 28, 2020, and is timely with its rainbow design for Pride Month in June.
Got mask masqd billboard
Netflix also had a special message for those who work in the entertainment industry in Hollywood, both in front of and behind the camera.
You will work in this town again Netflix billboard
These 'You will work in this town again. Until then, thank you'. billboards were spotted above Pico Boulevard and Fairfax Avenue on May 27, 2020.
You will work in this town agaiN thank you Netflix billboard
UPDATED: Even as California starts to reopen and production on television and film restarts, here are a few more examples of Netflix's coronavirus-related billboards.
You will work in town again Netflix billboard
These 'Thank you' billboards were snapped along San Vicente Boulevard and Pico Boulevard on June 19, 2020.
You will work in this town again Netflix billboard
Netflix isn't the only studio or network showing support for its workers and talent in the city skyline, as this HBO family billboard demonstrates.
HBO crews talent billboard
This billboard isn't the only one around town but this example was spotted along Pico Boulevard at Barrington Avenue on June 19, 2020.
HBO crews talent family billboard
Meanwhile the outdoor advertising company Outfront was also thanking all the frontline workers during this health crisis.
We Love Frontliners Outfront billboard
They've been in the skies for a while, but these 'We Love/Heart Fontliners' were snapped at Hollywood & Highland on June 20, 2020.
We Heart Frontliners Outfront billboard
The skies of Los Angeles have certainly been interesting during this health crisis and have proved how engaging and inspirational out-of-home advertising as a medium can be.
We Love Front liners Outfront billboard
UPDATED: Here's also a supportive message to L.A.'s essential workers from the Ad Council, spotted above 3rd Street on July 9, 2020.
Dear Essential Workers LA Ad Council billboard
UPDATED: Months later into the pandemic, Disneyland has enlisted The Incredibles for some important messages about social distancing and hand washing in a fun way.
Maintain distance Be incredible Elastigirl Disneyland billboard
Maintain proper distance Be incredible Disneyland billboard
These public service health messages from the theme park featuring 'Elastigirl' and 'Dash' were spotted along Cahuenga Boulevard West and Lankershim Boulevard on February 6, 2021.
Washing your hands is super Be incredible Dash Disneyland billboard

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