Wednesday, April 8, 2020

The Walking Dead: World Beyond series premiere TV billboards...

Walking Dead World Beyond series premiere billboard
The tenth season of The Walking Dead may have been cut short one episode thanks to the global coronavirus pandemic shutdown, but the good news is that the final episode will return later this year and even more exciting, it's almost time to venture to a World Beyond the zombieverse that we've grown to love and fear in a new spin-off series.
TWD World Beyond series premiere billboard
The new entry in TWD franchise will be set the years after the apocalypse and will focus on the first generation of survivors to come-of-age in this dangerous new world.

Clues have already been peppered throughout the two current TWD series and World Beyond will consist of two ten-episode seasons and follow sisters (played by Alexa Mansour and Aliyah Royale) and two of their friends, who leave their place of safety on an important quest, facing the known and unknown dangers, living and undead.
Walking Dead World Beyond billboard
These colourful series premiere billboards were spotted above The Roxy Theatre and Rainbow Bar & Grill along the Sunset Strip on April 2, 2020.

Fans of the zombie apocalypse universe can also enjoy these billboards for The Walking Dead and these billboards for Fear the Walking Dead.
Walking Dead World Beyond series billboard
Unfortunately although originally planned to debut on April 12, you'll also have to wait until later this year to enjoy the debut of this youthful new show on AMC. Arrrgghhh, the horror of it all.
Walking Dead World Beyond series billboard

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