Saturday, April 18, 2020

Tales from the Loop series premiere TV billboards...

Tales from the Loop series premiere billboard
These days you'd be forgiven for thinking that every TV show or movie is based on a novel, comic book, video game or podcast.

As a refreshing change of pace, Amazon Prime Video's latest original series, Tales from the Loop, is based on science fiction paintings of Swedish artist Simon Stålenhag.
Tales from the Loop Amazon Prime billboard
The new eight-episode series follows the mind-bending adventures of the people who live above the 'Loop', a machine built to unlock the mysteries of the universe - helping make things previously relegated to the realm of sci-fi, possible.
Tales from the Loop TV billboard
These hypnotic series premiere billboards were photographed along Olympic Boulevard, Pico Boulevard and Venice Boulevard from March 5 to April 3, 2020.
Tales from the Loop series launch billboard
If you need to let your imagination fly free in the confines of your own home, maybe it's time to enjoy these fantastical and strange Tales from the Loop.
Tales from the Loop season 1 billboard

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