Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Mrs. America series premiere TV billboards...

Mrs America series premiere billboard
In 2017's Thor: Ragnarok it was apparent that Cate Blanchett relished playing the evil Norse Goddess of Death, 'Hela', and now she's back as a more down-to-earth villain, starring as conservative activist 'Phyllis Schlafly' in the new FX on Hulu mini-series, Mrs. America.
Mrs America FX Hulu billboard
The series is about the Seventies political battle over the Equal Rights Amendment (designed to give Americans equal rights regardless of sex), and sees her conservative campaign (including help from Sarah Paulson's Catholic housewife) take on iconic feminists and civil rights activists of the Women's Liberation Movement'Gloria Steinem' (Rose Byrne), 'Betty Friedan' (Tracey Ullman), 'Bella Abzug' (Margo Martindale), 'Shirley Chisholm' (Uzo Aduba), 'Flo Kennedy' (Niecy Nash) and 'Jill Ruckelshaus' (Elizabeth Banks).
Mrs America series premiere posters
Mrs America series launch street posters
These series launch billboards and street posters were photographed along the Sunset Strip, Westwood Boulevard and Santa Monica Boulevard on April 3, 2020.
Mrs America launch street posters
Mrs America series wildposting
Mrs America FX on Hulu street posters
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Mrs America series launch billboard
All these years later women still seem to be fighting the same fights for equality, whether it be in the workplace or for control of their own bodies, but even after the devastating 2016 Presidential Election result, there was a new resolve and glimmer of hope with women's marches, sexual harassment movements and a record number of women elected office up and down the ballet in a Blue Wave at the November 2018 elections.

With this mini-series based on true events, let's hope we can also learn from the mistakes of the past to help build a better future.
Mrs America series premiere billboard

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