Monday, March 30, 2020

Trolls World Tour movie billboards...

Giant Queen Barb Trolls World Tour movie billboard
If you're homebound and feeling down in the dumps, then the Trolls are back to rock your world this April.
Poppy Trolls World Tour movie billboard
In an unprecedented move due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Universal Pictures has decided to release DreamWorks Animation's Trolls World Tour on-demand (and in cinemas that may still be open) on April 10, 2020, so you can enjoy the film in the comfort and safety of your own home with your loved ones.
Branch Trolls World Tour film billboard
Yes, 'Poppy' (voiced by Anna Kendrick) and 'Branch' (Justin Timberlake) are back for more hair-raising animated antics and discover they're not the only Trolls who love to sing and dance.
Tiny Diamond Trolls World Tour film billboard
In the movie they find out there are six different Troll tribes, each with a love of a different kind of music - pop, funk, techno, country, classical and rock.
Queen Barb Trolls World Tour movie billboard
When hard-rock royalty 'Queen Barb' (Rachel Bloom) and her father 'King Thrash' (Ozzy Osbourne) scheme to destroy all other music, Poppy and Branch must embark on an epic jukebox journey to unite the tribes and save the diverse melodies from going extinct.
Poppy Trolls World Tour billboard
Other voice talents helping to stop everyone becoming rock zombies include Kenan Thompson, James Corden, Gwen Stefani, Icona Pop, Ron Funches, Kunal Nayyar, Mary J. Blige, Kelly Clarkson, J Balvin and many more besides.
Trolls World Tour billboard
These fun billboards were photographed rocking out along Lankershim Boulevard, Cahuenga Boulevard and the Sunset Strip on March 18, 2020.
Giant Trolls World Tour movie billboard
Fans of the toys-turned-movie stars can also enjoy these colourful Trolls movie billboards from fall 2016.
Branch Trolls World Tour movie billboard
Plus for more DreamWorks Animation films, make sure you also check out these How to Train Your Dragon movie billboards, these Home movie billboards, these Turbo movie billboards and these Madagascar movie billboards.
Tiny Diamond Trolls World Tour movie billboard
Only time will tell whether audiences at home will pay the price of digital admission to this new release, but at least it may provide an uplifting respite for families whose kids are bouncing off the walls from boredom.
Giant Queen Barb Trolls World Tour billboard
UPDATED: Here's also a special extension cut-out featuring 'Tiny Diamond', spotted along Hollywood's Vine Street at Melrose Avenue on April 2, 2020.
Trolls World Tour Tiny Diamond extension billboard
In light of the Coronavirus pandemic, this ad creative also highlights that this movie will also be available on-demand (although at time of writing, things are not looking good for a theatrical release at all).
Trolls World Tour Tiny Diamond cutout billboard
UPDATED: Even though there may not be as many people in their cars or on the streets in L.A. at the moment, Trolls World Tour seems undeterred and determined to make a spectacle in the city skyline with their outdoor ads.
Trolls World Tour 3D Branch billboard
This 3D Branch billboard and this extra-dimensional studded Queen Barb billboard really stand out along La Brea Avenue and La Cienega Boulevard, respectively.
Trolls World Tour Poppy billboard
This pink Poppy billboard along Olympic Boulevard also delivers a pop of vibrant colour and all these ad creatives were all snapped on April 3, 2020.
Trolls World Tour 3D Queen Barb billboard
This fun outdoor marketing campaign certainly lifted Daily Billboard's spirits, what about yours?
Trolls World Tour 3D Branch billboard

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