Sunday, February 2, 2020

Work in Progress series premiere TV billboards...

Work in Progress series premiere billboard
These days it feels like it's raining cats and dogs in the city skyline when it comes to new TV billboards and sometimes it's hard to share them all in a timely fashion.

One series key art that really stood out in recent times were the launch billboards for Showtime's new queer comedy, Work in Progress.
Work in Progress season 1 billboard
The show is a semi-autobiographical comedy starring Chicago-based comedian Abby McEnany and follows the overweight, middle-aged, mentally ill and unglamorous temp worker and her decision to kill herself if her life doesn't improve in six months. After she makes that fateful decision, a new love enters her life complicating things.
Work in Progress series launch billboard
These arresting season one billboards for Work in Progress were snapped along Sunset Boulevard, Ventura Boulevard and Westwood Boulevard from December 9, 2019 to January 25, 2020.

For more LGBT-friendly comedy and drama, make sure you also check out these Will & Grace billboards, these Schitt's Creek billboards, these Pose billboards and these billboards for The L Word: Generation Q.
Work in Progress TV series billboard
Life's not always bed of roses and people are not always happy, telling people to "smile" or "cheer up" doesn't work, but realising there are others feeling the same way as you, or going through similar life experiences, can help people feel less alone in the world.
Work in Progress series premiere billboard

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