Monday, February 24, 2020

Onward movie billboards...

Onward film billboard
Today it's time for another mythic quest, this time in the form of Disney/Pixar's latest computer-animated feature film, Onward.
Giant Onward movie billboard
The movie is set in a fantastical suburban world populated by mythical creatures like elves, manticores, centaurs, ogres, cyclops and unicorns.
Onward movie Manticore extension billboard
Two teenage blue-skinned elf brothers, 'Ian' and 'Barley Lightfoot' (voiced by Tom Holland and Chris Pratt respectively), receive a wizard's staff as a prearranged gift frothier deceased father on Ian's sixteenth birthday.
Onward Laurel Lightfoot billboard
The staff comes with a spell that will bring their dad back for 24 hours, so his sons can meet him, but when they try to cast the spell only his legs appear, sending the two boys on an epic magical quest before time runs out.
Giant Onward movie billboard
Julia Louis-Dreyfus voices their elven mother 'Laurel', Octavia Spencer plays a manticore restaurant owner, whilst Lena Waithe voices a cyclops police officer and Mel Rodriguez a centaur cop.
Onward extension cut-out billboard
These colourful movie billboards were snapped along La Cienega Boulevard, Fairfax Avenue, Beverly Boulevard, Westwood Boulevard, Sepulveda Boulevard and the Sunset Strip from January 31 to February 20, 2020.
Onward movie Unicorns billboard
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Giant Onward film billboard
Let's see if the animation studio can conjure up yet another original hit this year with this heartwarming tale of childhood grief and brotherly bonding.

It's time to jump in the van and venture Onward to the cinema.
Onward movie billboard
UPDATED: Here's another fun ad creative for the movie featuring some biker sprites, spotted along Sepulveda Boulevard near LAX on March 5, 2020.
Onward biker pixies billboard
UPDATED: Here's another billboard spied along the I-210 on a gloomy March 14, 2020, with Barley helping Ian with his magical moves.
Onward movie billboard

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