Friday, February 7, 2020

Locke & Key series premiere TV billboards...

Locke Key series premiere billboard
Netflix may not be producing anymore Marvel TV series for its streaming platform anymore, but there are still plenty of comic books to adapt for the small screen.

This February the streaming giant unlocks the potential of Joe Hill's supernatural horror Locke & Key.
Locke Key series launch billboard
In this television adaptation, after the death of their father, three young siblings move to their ancestral home in Massachusetts only to find the house has magical keys that can open a vast array of powers and abilities.

Unfortunately there's also a demon out to possess the keys (isn't there always), who will stop at nothing to attain them.
Locke and Key series billboard
These series launch billboards were photographed in multiple ad locations along Sunset Boulevard from January 27 to January 29, 2020.

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Locke & Key season 1 billboard
Locke & Key has taken over a decade to make it onto television screens, so let's hope the wait for the ten-episode season is worth it.
Locke & Key Netflix series billboard
UPDATED: Now that all of Netflix's Oscar nominee billboards are disappearing, there's space in the skies for more outdoor support for newcomer Locke & Key.
This key brings your thoughts to life Locke & Key Netflix billboard
These consecutive 'key' billboard designs, with all their special powers, were snapped eastbound along West Hollywood's Sunset Strip on February 7, 2020.
This key takes you anywhere Locke & Key Netflix billboard
Someone had great fun designing all these keys that let your thoughts come to life, takes you anywhere and lets you fly, even if they do look a little macabre.
This key lets you fly Locke & Key Netflix billboard
Which key would you like to use the most? What ability would you like to unlock within yourself?
Locke and Key Netflix series billboard
UPDATED: Now that more of those pesky Oscar billboards have outlived their purpose, here's even more outdoor ad support for the supernatural new show.
Locke and Key special 3D launch billboard
Locke Key outstretched hand billboard
You really get the impression that the sinister outstretched hand is reaching across the Sunset Strip for the ornate 3D key in Connor Jessup's neck.
Interconnected Locke & Key series billboards Sunset Strip
These interconnecting billboards were snapped causing a spectacle in West Hollywood on February 10, 2020.
Locke & Key special 3D key billboard
Now that's how you draw attention to a new show in the skies of L.A. (and how much do you want to reach up and turn that key yourself?).
Locke & Key hand extension billboard
Locke and Key 3D key billboard
UPDATED: Here's also another 3D key billboard spotted a bit further west along the Sunset Strip the next day.
Locke Key 3D key billboard

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