Saturday, February 29, 2020

Interrogation series premiere TV billboards...

Interrogation series premiere billboard
If you're in the mood for some true-crime drama this extra Leap Year Day, then maybe you can binge-watch the new CBS All Access series, Interrogation.
Interrogation TV series billboard
Based on a case that spans decades, a young man (played by Kyle Gallner) charged, convicted and serving a life sentence for the brutal murder of his mother continues to fight for his innocence.

Peter Sarsgaard plays the initial arresting officer, 'Detective David Russell', and each episode is structured around an interrogation taken from real police files and you can choose the order you watch them in, which turns the viewer into a cold case detective themselves until the season finale reveals the truth.
Interrogation series launch billboard
These series launch billboards were snapped along the Sunset Strip, Highland Avenue and Melrose Avenue from February 6 to February 24, 2020.
Interrogation CBS All Access billboard
Is he guilty or innocent? You'll just have to watch the series of interrogations yourself and see (or just skip to the series finale if you're too impatient).
Interrogation season 1 billboard

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