Monday, January 13, 2020

The New Pope series premiere TV billboards...

New Pope giant series premiere billboard
Just when you thought Pope Francis swatting away a handsy congregant in St. Peter's Square on New Year's Eve was scandalous enough, along comes The New Pope with drama aplenty for the start of 2020.
New Pope HBO series billboard
A direct follow-up to 2016's The Young Pope starring Jude Law as the attractive and disruptive 'Pope Pius XIII', John Malkovich joins the cast as 'Pope John Paul III', the titular new pope.

This very different man is presumed the replacement for Law's pope as head of the Catholic Church as he lies in a coma after the events of the first season of Paolo Sorrentino's drama series.
New Pope HBO series billboard
These series premiere billboards were photographed along Sunset Boulevard, Olympic Boulevard and Pico Boulevard from January 6 to January 10, 2020.
New Pope series launch billboard
Jude Law admirers can also enjoy these billboards for The Young Pope filling the city skyline in 2017, whilst John Malkovich fans can take a look at this Crossbones billboard and these Red movie billboards.
New Pope TV series billboard
Plus for more papal ad creatives, make sure you check out these Netflix film billboards for The Two Popes.

Are you ready for nine more saintly and scandal-ridden episodes behind Vatican City walls?
New Pope giant series launch billboard
UPDATED: Here's also an Emmy consideration billboard for the HBO series snapped along Ventura Boulevard in Studio City on June 20, 2020.
New Pope Emmy FYC billboard
Plus here's another FYC example spied months later able La Cienega Boulevard on August 26, 2020.
New Pope Emmy FYC billboard

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