Thursday, December 5, 2019

Marriage Story movie billboards...

Marriage Story Extraordinary billboard
With Marvel Studios solo Black Widow movie trailer dropping this week, Scarlett Johansson is certainly a hot topic at the moment, but this winter awards season she's hoping to attract attention for her new Netflix film starring alongside Adam Driver, Marriage Story.
Marriage Story Netflix film billboard
Written and directed by Noah Baumbach, and inspired by his own experiences, the film follows a stage director and his actress wife who are struggling through a coast-to-coast divorce pushing them to extremes, whilst also trying to keep their sense of family together.
Marriage Story movie Masterpiece billboard
The Netflix film, which is already garnering critical acclaim, also boasts the talents of Laura Dern, Alan Alda and Ray Liotta.
Marriage Story Poignant billboard
The silhouette ad creative for the movie was first snapped above the Sunset Strip's Book Soup on September 21, 2019.
Marriage Story Powerhouse Performances billboard
Meanwhile the follow-up and 'For your consideration' billboard versions were photographed along Highland Avenue, Fairfax Avenue, Santa Monica Boulevard, Melrose Avenue and the Sunset Strip from November 6 to November 26, 2019.
Marriage Story Masterpiece FYC billboard
Scarlett Johansson admirers can also enjoy all these Avengers movie billboards, these Ghost in the Shell movie billboards and these Lucy movie billboards.
Marriage Story Film billboard
Meanwhile Adam Driver fans can check out these BlacKkKlansman movie billboards and these Star Wars movie billboards.
Marriage Story For your consideration billboard
"A masterpiece", "Extraordinary", "Powerhouse performances", "Poignant, hilarious and heartbreaking", does the film live up to these critics' reviews? Netflix subscribers can find out on December 6, 2019, if you don't want to fork out for a cinema ticket to see it on the big screen.
Marriage Story film FYC billboard
UPDATED: Here's another FYC billboards showing off some of the other cast members spied eastbound along the Sunset Strip on December 5, 2019.
Marriage Story consideration billboard
UPDATED: Congratulations to Marriage Story for garnering six Golden Globe nominations, including for Scarlett Johansson for Best Actress, Adam Driver for Best Actor, Laura Dern for Supporting Actress, Noah Baumbach for Best Screenplay, Best Motion Picture - Drama and Best Original Score by Randy Newman.
Laura Dern Marriage Story FYC billboard
Here are two more consideration billboards spotted along Melrose Avenue and L.A.'s 3rd Street on December 9, 2019 (although expect more to follow with these nomination results).
Alan Alda Marriage Story FYC billboard
UPDATED: The consideration billboards keep coming for Marriage Story, with these billboards spied along Wilshire Boulevard and Pico Boulevard on December 13, 2019.
Marriage Story For your consideration billboard
Marriage Story For your consideration billboard
What Daily Billboard wants to know is what does Noah Baumbach's ex-wife, Jennifer Jason Leigh, think of all the attention and acclaim the movie is getting?
Marriage Story Masterly FYC billboard
UPDATED: Congratulations to Marriage Story for its bountiful awards season nominations, including six Golden Globe nominations, eight Critics' Choice Award nominations and there Screen Actors Guild Award nominations.
Marriage Story Golden Globe nominee billboard
These nominee billboards were spotted campaigning in the skies of La Brea Avenue, Santa Monica Boulevard and the Sunset Strip on December 19, 2019.
Marriage Story Golden Globe nominee billboard
Just how many trophies will Marriage Story win this season and does this mean good things for the Oscars? Only time will tell.
Marriage Story Golden Globe nominee billboard
UPDATED: Here are two more ad creatives highlighting this film's many nominations this awards season.
Marriage Story Noah Baumbach FYC billboard
These nominee billboards were spotted along Sunset Boulevard and Highland Avenue on January 4, 2020.
Marriage Story 6 Golden Globes billboard
UPDATED: Congratulations to Laura Dern for taking home the Golden Globe for Supporting Actress, let's see if the film picks up any more accolades at the other industry awards this season. Maybe this consideration billboard spotted along Beverly Boulevard at Fairfax Avenue on January 8, 2020, will help.
Marriage Story awards consideration billboard

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