Friday, December 13, 2019

Black Christmas movie billboards...

Black Christmas movie billboard
If you prefer candy canes and slaying over Santa's elves and sleighs, then maybe you'll want to enjoy a Black Christmas this Friday 13th.
Black Christmas film billboard
Inspired by the original 1974 Canadian slasher film and subsequent 2006 remake, this version sees the sorority girls of Hawthorne College being stalked by a killer over the quieter holiday season on campus.

However this marauding murderer is about to discover that this generation of young women aren't willing to become helpless victims, and the unknown stalker is in for the fight of their life.
Black Christmas film billboard
These film billboards stand out for being anything but festive and were spotted along Sunset Boulevard, Fountain Avenue and Melrose Avenue on November 21, 2019.
Black Christmas movie remake billboard
If the horror of the holidays is getting too much for you, then maybe take a break from the carols, gift shopping and candy-coated schmaltz with this festive stalker flick with attitude.

Hear those slay bells jingling, come on, it's lovely weather for a slay ride together.
Black Christmas film billboard

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