Sunday, December 15, 2019

Apple iPhone 11 Holidays 2019 billboards...

Apple iPhone 11 Holidays 2019 billboard
You know it wouldn't be Christmas if Apple didn't have a new iPhone to offer consumers in the city skyline this holiday season.
Apple iPhone 11 billboard
The technology giant recently wowed everyone with its three lens iPhone 11 Pro billboards, and now it's the turn of the all-new iPhone 11 with its dual-lens camera.
Apple iPhone 11 billboard
Apple iPhone 11 billboard Sunset Strip
Is an iPhone 11 on your wish list to Santa this year? And even more importantly, have you been good?
Apple iPhone 11 billboard Sunset Strip
Apple iPhone 11 billboard Sunset Strip
These colourful iPhone 11 billboards were spied fanning out in the skies along the Sunset Strip, 3rd Street, Beverly Boulevard and Santa Monica Boulevard from November 18 to November 23, 2019.
Apple iPhone 11 fan effect billboard
Fans of Apple's sleek and stylish smartphones, can also check out all these previous iPhone billboards standing out in the streets and skies of L.A. in recent years.
Apple iPhone 11 billboard
Only time will tell whether you'll find something special in your Christmas stocking, or under the tree this festive season, and we don't mean nuts or a tangerine.

When you've finished playing with it, just remember to turn your phone off and enjoy the company of friends and family over the holidays too.
Apple iPhone 11 Holidays 2019 billboards Sunset Strip

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