Saturday, November 9, 2019

Doctor Sleep movie billboards...

Doctor Sleep movie billboard
This weekend if romantic comedies, family-friendly films and World War II dramas are not your cup of tea, then maybe some supernatural horror courtesy of Stephen King is just what Doctor Sleep ordered.
Doctor Sleep film billboard
Years after the events of The Shining, Ewan McGregor plays an adult 'Dan Torrance' who is still haunted by the inhabitants of the Overlook Hotel from his childhood.

In this next chapter he encounters a young girl, Kyliegh Curran's 'Abra Stone', who possesses similar psychic gifts and he has to protect her from a roaming tribe called 'The True Knot' who feed on this 'shining' power to give themselves immortality.
Doctor Sleep movie billboard
These spooky movie sequel billboards evoking the corridors of the Overlook Hotel were captured haunting the Sunset Strip and Pico Boulevard from October 18 to October 22, 2019.

Ewan McGregor admirers can also check out these Fargo TV billboards, these Christopher Robin movie billboards, these Star Wars: The Phantom Menace billboards and these Mortdecai movie billboards
Doctor Sleep film billboard
Meanwhile fans of the iconic author can also enjoy all these billboards for Stephen King's movie and TV adaptations.

Even though Halloween may be over, let's see if Doctor Sleep can still provides the chills this weekend and doesn't turn out to be a snooze for cinema-goers.
Doctor Sleep movie billboard

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