Saturday, October 19, 2019

Treadstone series premiere TV billboards...

Treadstone series premiere billboard
This October a new series from the world of 'Jason Bourne' leaps into action, as Treadstone comes to the small screen.
Treadstone series launch billboard
In the action drama the Treadstone project, having created the super spy, turned its attention to developing unstoppable superhuman assassins and now those trained sleeper agents with no memory of their past are waking up in the world.
Treadstone series premiere billboard
These series launch billboards, which capture the action and energy of the espionage world, were snapped along Sunset Boulevard and Vine Street from October 1 to October 10, 2019.
Treadstone tv series billboard
Fans of Robert Ludlum's creation can also enjoy these Jason Bourne movie billboards and The Bourne Legacy billboards, plus these screen-used costumes and props from the Bourne movies on display.
Treadstone series premiere billboard
USA Network certainly has a history of rebooting and reimagining movie franchises for the small screen, with the likes of Shooter and The Purge two previous examples, so let's see if Treadstone can supply the action thrills on TV this fall.
Treadstone series billboard

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