Wednesday, September 11, 2019

The Unicorn series premiere TV billboards...

Unicorn series premiere billboard
Every year Daily Billboard forgets just how crazy the skies get with all the new television shows vying for attention before they make their debuts.
Unicorn series launch billboard
With streaming upstarts and agitators making traditional broadcasters seem like dinosaurs on the way to extinction in recent years, it's nice to see that networks like CBS haven't rolled over and played dead quite yet.
The Unicorn series premiere billboard
In addition to their medical sitcom, Carol's Second Act, another comedy getting some big outdoor support this fall TV season is The Unicorn.
Unicorn CBS series billboard
Walton Goggins stars as 'Wade', a widowed husband and devoted dad, whose close friends think should get back in the dating game after his wife died a yer ago, being 'The Unicorn' that every single woman is looking for, he's employed, attractive, has been in a committed relationship and loves kids.
Unicorn giant series premiere billboard DTLA
Rob Corddry, Michaela Watkins, Maya Lynne Robinson and Omar Miller play his friends, whilst Ruby Jay and Makenzie Moss play his two daughters in the comedy.
Unicorn series launch billboard
These series launch billboards for The Unicorn were photographed along Beverly Boulevard, La Brea Avenue, Hollywood Boulevard, Figueroa Street and the Sunset Strip from August 16 to August 24, 2019.
Unicorn season 1 billboard
Fans of Walton Goggins can also enjoy these Vice Principals billboards, these Deep State billboards and these Six billboards.
Unicorn series launch billboard
Let's see if this sitcom about starting over will be that rare mythical creature than can survive more than one season.
Unicorn season 1 billboard

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