Monday, September 9, 2019

The Politician series premiere TV billboards...

Politician 3D series launch billboard
With all the broadcast networks shouting about their new dramas and sitcoms in the city skyline in a big way this month, there's one show that Netflix really wants you to know about too, The Politician.
We promise you a moral deficit Politician billboard
The original series is the first offering from Ryan Murphy's lucrative and exclusive development deal with the streaming giant, worth about $300 million over a five-year period.
We promise you Nasty Women Politician billboard
The hitmaker is known for such popular, acclaimed and groundbreaking shows like Glee, American Horror Story, 9-1-1, Pose, Feud and American Crime Story, and now he's trying his hand at making politics funny for the streaming service.
We promise you stimulus packages Politician billboard
Dear Evan Hansen's Tony-winning actor Ben Platt leads a cast of well known faces and newcomers, playing 'Payton Hobart', a wealthy Santa Barbarian with political ambitions.
We promise you domestic affairs politician billboard
Knowing that one day he'll be the U.S. President, before he can reach such lofty heights he need to navigate the most treacherous landscape of all, Saint Sebastian High School.
Politician We promise Bipartisanship billboard
He'll do anything to get to be President of the Student Body and so will his ruthless classmates, who'll do anything to destroy his well-crafted image.
The Politician season 1 billboard
The Politician wildposting ads
Before he can continue on his extraordinary path to success he'll need to outsmart his rivals (Lucy Boynton's 'Astrid'), and prove his political acumen.
Ben Platt Politician Netflix series billboard
Will his sexuality be his undoing, what other secrets will be exposed and what happens when things take a deadly turn on his way to the top?
promise you a moral deficit Politician billboard
Helping him on his journey is Gwyneth Paltrow as his mother, 'Georgina Hobert', whilst another regular Ryan Murphy collaborator, Jessica Lange, plays the grandmother of Zoey Deutch's character with cancer, 'Infinity Jackson'.
Politician extension cut-out billboard
To say that this series is a huge priority for the streaming platform would be an understatement, and all these colourful billboards and street posters were spied along the Sunset Strip, Beverly Boulevard, Melrose Avenue, Santa Monica Boulevard, La Brea Avenue and Wilshire Boulevard from September 4 to September 7, 2019.
Politician We promise you Nasty Women billboard
Politician promise you Nasty Women billboard
Politician We promise you Nasty Women billboard
In addition to the abundance of witty and innuendo-laden ad creatives joining the skies of the Sunset Strip, Netflix has also pumped money into special extension billboards and 3D embellishment installations to catch passerby eyes around the sprawling city.
The Politician series premiere billboard
Stimulus packages, bipartisanship, domestic affairs, a moral deficit and nasty women, that's a lot of promises which sound awfully familiar from the campaign trail, well maybe not all of them.
stimulus packages Politician billboard
We promise you domestic affairs Politician billboard
This political satire makes a lot of promises, so let's hope unlike real politicians, the series can live up to them and make viewers laugh this fall television season.
Politician 3D series premiere billboard
UPDATED: The billboards keep coming for The Politician with a trio of frivolity joining the others along the Sunset Strip.
fiscal irresponsibility The Politician billboard
These vibrant ad creatives really do tap into the white privilege, corruption and collusion of the Trump era we live in.
nasty women Politician billboard
Let's hope the new show itself entertains and provides some escape from the dark political times we're living through though.
promise all kinds of collusion Politician billboard
UPDATED: Here's also a 'For your consideration' billboard for the show's debut season spotted along the Sunset Strip on November 2019, just in time for industry awards season.
Politician season 1 FYC billboard
Let's see if this phenomenal cast can garner as many nominations as the billboards there were to promote the series.
Politician 2019 For your consideration billboard

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  1. We are still on the lookout for a Politician billboard with my daughter Penelope on it. Let us know if you see any with a baby on it!