Thursday, September 26, 2019

Perfect Harmony series premiere TV billboards...

Perfect Harmony series premiere billboard
After guest-starring in The Handmaid's Tale as a Commander and architect of the dystopian world of Gilead in Hulu's adaptation of Margaret Atwood's 1985 novel (and winning an Emmy this year for it), it's no wonder he wanted to try something a little lighter for the fall TV season.
Perfect Harmony series launch billboard
In Perfect Harmony he stars as a former Princeton music professor who stumbles into a choir practice in a small-town church in need of direction.
mother-forking shirtballs NBC Comedy billboard
Pitch Perfect's Anna Camp is just one of the congregation in need of a tune up in this NBC comedy, along with Schitt's Creek's Rizwan Manji, Tymberlee Hill, Geno Segers, Will Greenberg and Spencer Allport.
Perfect Harmony season 1 billboard
These series launch billboards were spotted along Melrose Avenue and Sunset Boulevard from August 14 to September 4, 2019.
Perfect Harmony series premiere billboard
Meanwhile the NBC Comedy Starts Here! billboards were snapped along the Sunset Strip and La Cienega Boulevard from August 19 to September 6, 2019.
Perfect Harmony NBC series billboard
Make sure you also check out another of NBC's sitcom offerings this season with these Sunnyside billboards.
Treat yoself NBC Comedy billboard
Apparently this television season he needs them, they need hymn, but will audiences think this comedy is in fact in Perfect Harmony.
Perfect Harmony series premiere billboard

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