Thursday, July 11, 2019

Stuber movie billboards...

Stuber movie billboard
If the usual summer fare of superheroes, animation and horror doesn't tickle your fancy, then maybe the new action-comedy Stuber will be more to your liking.
Stuber film billboard
In the new buddy comedy, Kumail Nanjiani plays an uptight Uber driver named 'Stu' whose world is changed when Dave Bautista's ruthless LAPD cop, 'Vic Manning', commandeers his car on a quest to hunt down a killer on the streets of L.A., whilst bringing a pit bull named 'Pico' he's rescued from a bunch of drug dealers along for the ride.
Stuber movie extension billboard
These Stuber movie billboards were snapped along La Brea Avenue and Pico Boulevard from June 22 toileting June 30, 2019.

Fans of Kumail Nanjiani can also check out these movie billboards for The Big Sick and these Silicon Valley TV billboards, whilst Dave Bautista admirers can enjoy these Guardians of the Galaxy billboards.
Stuber movie billboard
Only time, and audiences, will decide whether Stuber gets five-stars or a low rating this summer. Will you be sharing the ride this July?
Stuber movie extension billboard

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