Thursday, July 18, 2019

Beats film billboards...

Beats Netflix movie billboard
Not to be confused with the British rave culture movie of the same name that was released in May this year, Netflix has it's own Beats movie to entertain music lovers this summer.
Beats movie billboard
In this film directed by Chris Robinson, Khalil Everage plays reclusive, teenage music prodigy 'August Monroe', who forms an unlikely friendship with Anthony Anderson's struggling producer 'Romelo Reese', who works as a high school security guard.

United by the mutual love of hip-hop, they hope to break into Chicago's music scene and help free each other of the demons of their past.
Beats Netflix film billboard
These Beats movie billboards were snapped along Westwood Boulevard, Fairfax Avenue and the Sunset Strip from June 23 to July 10, 2019.

Fans of Anthony Anderson can enjoy these Black-ish billboards and these Guys with Kids billboards.
Beats Netflix movie billboard
With Netflix losing more and more popular content like Friends and The CW shows, will original movies like Beats help it rise above the noise and be enough to attract subscribers to the streaming service in the future?
Beats film billboard

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