Sunday, June 9, 2019

LA PRIDE WEEKEND: Corona and Bud Light Pride billboards...

Be proud Corona beer LGBT billboard
This year marks fifty years since the Stonewall Riots when queer people said enough was enough with the prejudice, brutality and raids and literally fought back. Drag queens, transgender people, gays, lesbians and every colour of the rainbow took a stand for LGBT rights and a true movement began.

This Pride Month were celebrate our victories and progress towards to equality, accepting the NYPD Commissioner's apology for the hostile Stonewall Inn raids, and continuing to fight for our rights in these dark, divisive times we live in, but always striving for a better, more hopeful future.
Corona Be proud LGBT billboard
That's what we'll always welcome allies and advocates who embrace our community, even if they simply want to sell us stuff like beer, but at least they're not refusing to bake us cakes or sell us flowers.

Today is L.A.'s annual Pride Parade and so here's to a fun and safe time for all, as we celebrate the importance of being visible, being activists, being proud and championing the cause for future LGBT generations and the pioneers that came before us and made our way of life possible.
Corona Be proud billboard
These Corona 'be proud!' billboards were snapped along Santa Monica Boulevard from May 22 to May 24, 2019, and those rainbow colour lime wedges are the cutest things ever.
Bud Light Proudly Brewed everyone 2018 billboard
Corona is not the only beer brand to support the LGBT community, as in the past this 'Proudly brewed for everyone' ad creative from Bud Light was photographed above Santa Monica Boulevard in June 2018, plus this other ad above Highland Avenue was illuminated at night in rainbow colours for Pride Month in June 2016.
Support Bud Light Party 2016 billboard
We have a government which has banned transgender people serving in the military, denying them healthcare and housing benefits, our Vice President is a proven homophobe and advocate for conversion therapy and gutting AIDS/HIV resources, hate crimes against LGBT people are on the rise, they've change visa rules for same sex partners of foreign diplomats, Trump has appointed ultra conservative judges to the U.S. Supreme Court and lower courts and he opposes the Equality Act, so we still have so much to fight for.

But today (and this month) we raise a glass of a frosty brew, or something bubbly, or a fabulous cocktail, or something non-alcoholic, to a brighter, more inclusive, more equal, more colourful future.

Happy L.A. Pride and Happy Pride Month.
Bud Light billboard Rainbow Pride lights 2016
UPDATED: Here's also a summer 2020 version of the Corona ad with Corona Premier added to the party. This 'Be proud!' billboard was spotted above Pico Boulevard on July 10, 2020.
Corona Be proud LGBT 2020 billboard

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