Saturday, June 15, 2019

City on a Hill series premiere TV billboards...

City on a Hill series premiere billboard
If you're daunted by today's real-life crime and corruption, then maybe Showtime's gritty new drama set in Boston in the 1990s, City on a Hill, will be the escapist television series you're looking for.
City on a Hill series launch billboard
The show which tackles race and police corruption stars Aldis Hodge as 'Decourcy Ward', an Assistant District Attorney from Brooklyn and Kevin Bacon as a corrupt, but beloved, Boston-raised veteran FBI agent 'Jackie Rohr'.
City on a Hill Showtime billboard
The two from an unlikely alliance to clean up Boston's corruption, starting with a family of armoured car robbers, a case which grows to encompass the entire criminal justice system in the Massachusetts city.
City on a Hill series billboard
These series launch billboards were snapped along Sunset Boulevard, Fairfax Avenue and La Brea Avenue from May 22 to June 5, 2019.
City on a Hill season 1 billboard
Let's see if a show about people with question morals and ethics and trying to fix a broken system, can help teach us how to fight the crime, lawlessness and corruption this current administration perpetuates on a daily basis.
City on a Hill premiere billboard

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