Saturday, May 18, 2019

Ritual vitamins billboards...

For you consideration Ritual Prenatal billboard
With TV shows campaigning in the skies for Emmy consideration these past few weeks, this prenatal billboard for Ritual if you're considering becoming pregnant seems very timely to post.
This is not a miracle Ritual billboard
In recent times Ritual's women's vitamins billboards have featured bold and simple messaging, which makes them stand out in the sprawling city skyline, cutting through the clutter of other outdoor ads.
This is not a trend Ritual billboard
These vibrant yellow billboards were spied along Santa Monica Boulevard, Melrose Avenue, Fairfax Avenue and Vine Street from September 8, 2018 to February 19, 2019.
For you consideration Ritual Prenatal billboard
It's not a miracle to design eye-catching billboards, it just takes some thought and creative skills and fortunately these Ritual billboards have transformed advertisements for vitamins (not the sexiest of products) into something intriguing and engaging.
not a miracle Ritual billboard

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