Saturday, May 25, 2019

Lucifer season 4 TV billboards...

Lucifer season 4 Netflix billboard
Always looking to attract new subscribers and keep streaming audiences happy, Netflix has often given a new lease of life to show's that have been cancelled by other networks, like with the revived Arrested Development, Longmire, The Killing and reboots like Fuller House and Gilmore Girls (for a season or two at least). 
Tom Ellis Lucifer season 4 billboard
When Fox axed Lucifer after three seasons, the streaming platform swooped in to continue the adventures of Tom Ellis as the bored fallen angel who gives up his dominion of Hell to live in Los Angeles, based on the DC Comics character. 
Lucifer season 4 billboard
These devilish season four billboards were snapped along Highland Avenue and Sunset Boulevard from May 1 to May 22, 2019.
Lucifer season 4 billboard
Fans of the show can also enjoy these series launch billboards for Lucifer, whilst Tom Ellis admirers can also check out these Rush billboards.
Lucifer season 4 billboard
Lucifer may have taken flight on the streaming giant, but let's see if he can avoid cancellation hell and return for a fifth season of wicked ways in the future.
Lucifer season 4 billboard

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