Thursday, April 11, 2019

The Highwaymen movie billboards...

Highwaymen Netflix film billboard
Netflix's new original film directed by John Lee Hancock, The Highwaymen, tells the untold true story of the men who took down notorious criminals, Bonnie & Clyde.
Highwaymen movie billboard
After the murderous robbers break their associates out of a Texas prison in 1934, the state's Governor hires former Texas Rangers 'Frank Hamer' (Kevin Costner) and his old partner 'Maney Gault' (Woody Harrelson) out of retirement to track down the deadly fugitives independent of the FBI.
Highwaymen film billboard
These movie billboards were spotted above Beverly Boulevard and the Sunset Strip from March 27 to March 29, 2019.

For the other side of the story, make sure you also check out these Bonnie & Clyde mini-series billboards from 2013.
Highwaymen movie billboard
Kevin Costner fans can also check out these Draft Day movie billboards and these Criminal movie billboards.

Meanwhile Woody Harrelson admirers can enjoy these True Detective billboards and these Solo: A Star Wars Story billboards.
Highwaymen billboard
The infamous outlaws may have made headlines, but these legendary lawmen made history by using their gut instincts and old school skills to get the job done where others failed.
Highwaymen movie billboard

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