Friday, April 26, 2019

Earth Shot on iPhone billboards...

Earth Shot on iPhone Ryan P Lightning billboard
From weather to wildlife, Apple's latest evolution of its Shot on iPhone out-of-home ad campaign celebrates the wonders of the planet Earth through images taken by iPhone owners around the globe.
Earth Shot on iPhone Dilip VT Giraffe billboard
Lightning storms, giraffes, frogs, monkeys, yaks, sharks, lions and penguins grace L.A.'s skyline in tropical rainforests, snowy mountaintops, open grasslands, misty jungles and underwater, bringing the great outdoors to the bustling big city.
Earth Shot on iPhone Sarah N Frog billboard
Even though you ultimately know that Apple wants you to buy its smartphone to be able to achieve these photography results yourself, there's something refreshing about these outdoor ads not giving you the hard sell about their products, services and entertainment offerings, you can just bask in the glory of nature.
Earth Shot on iPhone Varun A Monkeys billboard
Who wouldn't like to see a cheeky monkey or inquisitive giraffe peeking through the trees on their daily commute?
Earth Shot on iPhone Lion Varun A billboard
Mind you, Daily Billboard wouldn't want to get too close to a lion or shark in their natural habitat, especially if they were startled by a flash.
Earth Shot on iPhone Andrés M Monkey billboard
Earth Shot on iPhone Giraffe billboard
These images of the natural world were photographed filling the streets and skies of L.A. from March 26 to April 23, 2019, including along Sunset Boulevard, Melrose Avenue, Hollywood Boulevard, Beverly Boulevard, Vine Street, Westwood Boulevard, Wilshire Boulevard and Santa Monica Boulevard.
Earth Shot on iPhone Esther H Penguins billboard
Earth Shot on iPhone Lightning billboard
Fans of animals in their natural habitat can also enjoy these Our Planet billboards and these Hostile Planet billboards.
Earth Shot on iPhone Shark billboard
Meanwhile fans of Apple's user-generated outdoor ad campaigns can also check out these previous Shot on iPhone billboards from spring 2015 to date.
Earth Shot on iPhone Renan O Yak billboard
Earth Shot on iPhone Vincent R Giraffe billboard
Obviously this 'Earth' theming has lots of potential for future waves of ad creatives, but Daily Billboard wonders what categories of photography will come next, maybe architecture, cities or humanity, could be worthy successors to keep the campaign fresh.
Earth Shot on iPhone storm cloud billboard

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